M192 Light Weight Ground Mount

In the late ‘90s, the US Army sought to replace their aging machine gun tripod mount with a lighter, more advanced ground mount system. The legacy system used a traverse and elevation (T&E) mechanism that dated back to the 1930s! Competing against larger and renowned defense contractors, Capco submitted an innovative proposal and was selected by the U.S. Army to become the developer of the next generation ground mounts for medium caliber machine guns.

“Capco engineers…set out on a solution that revolutionized small arms weapon mounting systems.”

Weapons & Accessories Products

Mechanical Capabilities

Capco’s Mechanical products are built to our customers’ most stringent technical requirements or designed by Capco’s Engineering and Innovation Teams.  This blended approach to manufacturing allows Capco to offer world class manufacturing solutions for our existing and future customers that meet their most challenging requests.  Our product mix ranges from simple machined components to complex fully integrated systems for the Department of Defense, law enforcement, and the oil and gas industries. Capco’s Mechanical products expertise is driven by multi-disciplined tenured technical Teams who have access to advanced manufacturing equipment and processes that includes; CNC machining, robotic welding, laser cutting and marking, automated pressing and forming, ferric and non-ferric coatings, heat treatment, automated assembly equipment and processes.

Going Above and Beyond

How Capco Leveraged Years of Design Experience and R&D to Produce the ATEM 

Targeting speed and accuracy of vehicular-mounted Heavy Machine Guns (HMGs) are greatly hindered by the cumbersome nature of the currently fielded legacy Traverse and Elevating mechanism (T&E). Accuracy problems are magnified when the HMG gunner disengages the T&E and operates in a free-gun mode to engage multiple or moving targets.

Capco’s proposed solution, the Advanced Traverse and Elevating Mechanism (ATEM), allows rapid, bold aiming adjustments via a hand lever conveniently attached to the weapon grips without disengaging or removing the T&E mechanism. In further contrast to the legacy T&E, the ATEM provides precise aiming control in both Traverse and Elevation via the respective handles of the T&E. Leveraging design experience gained from the development of award-winning machine gun ground mounts, Capco has developed a T&E specifically for vehicular-mounted weapon system applications. Designed for the M2/M2A1 and MK19 weapon systems, the user-friendly ATEM greatly improves weapon accuracy and reduces target engagement time. The combination of rapid movement and precise adjustment capabilities over the entire range of travel make the ATEM the perfect complement to newly-developed HMG optics. The ATEM is at TRL 7 and is a Field Replaceable Unit for the MK93 T&E.

Weapons Research & Development

Not just a manufacturer… we are equal parts “think tank” and “field research unit.” 

Capco is a proud member of the National Armaments Consortium (NAC) and the DoD Ordnance Technology Consortium (DOTC). This unique Government / Industry partnership enables ordnance-related research and development and provides the DoD Services with rapid and agile acquisition options, thus providing U.S. Warfighters with timely solutions to their Warfighting needs. Capco is currently providing R&D as a Non-Traditional Defense Contractor for weapon mounting system improvements under a DOTC contract.