The Capco Quality Policy

The Quality Policy and the Operations Mission Statement shown below work in concert to define our company vision to ensure we intentionally and continually satisfy our customers in a manner that further ensures each customer remains predisposed to place and keep business with Capco.

The Capco Quality Policy

Capco is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. It is Capco’s policy to conduct each aspect of its operations in a manner that ensures customers are continually inclined to do business with Capco.

The personal goal of each member of the Capco Team should be to provide our customers the best quality products and services, and the Management of Capco will ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained.

The Capco Operations Mission Statement

Capco Operations continuously strives to exceed our customers’ expectations of quality, on-time delivery, and value while empowering, encouraging and training team members to make decisions that improve Capco, our teams, and ourselves.


  • Capco trains, qualifies and maintains AWS certifications for welders as required by technical data and applicable for Government contracts.
  • Capco has trained and qualified NDT Level I and Level II inspectors for magnetic particle testing (MT) and dye penetrant testing (PT). Capco’s NDT Level II is fully certified for both MT and PT methods and has also been trained on radiographic inspections with more than 19 years of direct NDT experience.
  • Capco has a mature internal process / system for qualifying and certifying operators for performing inspections and tests in all production areas based on minimum skills training, task specific instruction and validation testing. This certified operator process has been used by Capco since 2002.
  • Capco performs calibrations on site with certifications traceable to NIST. Any calibrations performed by outside sources with lab accreditation (e.g., ISO 17025) and providing certifications traceable to NIST.
  • Capco personnel hold certification for PRI / NADCAP training on ITAR/EAR Requirements.
  • Capco personnel hold certifications in Gage and Process Capability, Statistical Process Control, Advanced Statistical Process Control, Design of Experiments, and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.
  • Capco personnel hold certification as ISO Lead Assessor.