Rapid Design, Prototyping and Testing

Capco’s unique mix of engineering strength and manufacturing excellence creates an ideal environment for design and prototyping.  Customer requirements are quickly turned into design specifications by an engineering staff with decades of experience and a thorough understanding of the end user’s needs.  Brainstorming sessions lead to innovative solutions, influenced by design for manufacturability.  Design concepts are modeled using 3-D CAD software, where fit, form, and function can be digitally verified.  An extensive range of in-house fabrication and manufacturing capabilities including 3-D printing, flatbed laser cutting, welding, grinding, heat treating, CNC machining, and more, allow concepts to move from the digital space to the physical prototype with surprising speed.

Starting with nothing more than an idea, Capco engineering begins to shape what may soon become a ground-breaking advancement for the war fighter. Ideas are formed into preliminary sketches and rapidly moved through the solid modeling phase. Once vetted, the ideas are further refined during prototyping and testing. Capco possesses extensive prototyping capabilities including Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), laser cutting, CNC mill and lathe, welding, grinding, heat treating, and electroplating.

Decades of experience in manufacturing and a thorough understanding of GD&T provide Capco with the expertise to take ideas from conception to prototyping, through technical data generation, and finally manufacturing. The manufacturing background of Capco engineers provides the knowledge necessary to develop the most cost effective, manufacturable, and pure designs. Whether it is a new product idea, fixture development, or manufacturing line, Capco Engineering specializes in all aspects of product development. From concept through production, the engineers at Capco ensure the quality, punctuality, and customer service necessary for any project.

  • Fully equipped fabrication shop including CNC milling, CNC lathe, manual mills, lathes, hydraulic presses, metal sheers, heat treating ovens, vertical and horizontal band saws
  • Full time Machinist dedicated to prototyping and custom fabrication
  • Engineering staff capable of fabrication supported by staff of engineering techs and machinists have access to dedicated fabrication shop as well as production equipment as necessary
  • Rapid prototyping process, realized by a fully vertically integrated design, development, and fabrication facility, results in concept to prototype in just days