On-site Testing Capability

Capco excels in the design and manufacture of MIL-Spec mechanical, electronic and explosive systems requiring reliable, repeatable performance in harsh environments. Capco has the internal capability to perform the following environmental/mechanical tests and inspections (this list is not comprehensive, but is provided as an example of our experience and capabilities):

  • Long-term temperature conditioning from -199°F to 392°F (-128°C to 200°C) ± 2%
  • Functional testing from -185°F to 200°F (-120°C to 93°C) ± 2%
  • Simultaneous temperature/pressure/humidity cycling, from -65°F to 190°F, 0.04 to 1 atm, 95%RH (typ.)
  • Vibration testing: 20 to 2kHz, 10 g typ.  Capability to perform vibe tests at functional levels listed above.
  • Shock testing (15g)
  • Salt fog testing
  • Helium leak testing (to 10-9 cc/sec)
  • Radiographic inspection
  • Micro-Hardness and Rockwell Testing
  • Metallography
  • CMM-coordinate measuring
  • Plating Test Scopes; Eddy-Current
  • Explosives Testing (Ballistic, Calorimetric, ESD, etc.)
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Sand, Drop and Rough Handling Tests
  • Tensile Testing via SATEC Systems 10WMB

Capco’s experience in environmental, electrical and functional testing of mechanical, electrical, and explosive systems play a vital role in the design of robust devices/systems that will be capable of withstanding the rigors of platform vibration, temperature extremes, salt fog corrosion and shock loading.

Lot Acceptance Tests (LATs), First Article Inspections (FAIs) and First Article Tests (FATs)

  • Capco performs LATs, FAIs and FATs for all Government contracts requiring these inspections and tests, and provides objective evidence for the successful completion of each required inspection / test in the form of detailed reports directly linked to associated technical data as well as material, process and product certifications.
  • Capco also performs and documents LATs, FAIs and FATs for commercial customers when required by the confirmed order. Otherwise inspection and testing performed is for internal purposes, and shipments are supported by certification only.

Live Fire Ballistic Testing

Pyro and Energetics Testing

  • Dead load and hydrostatic testing
  • Capco designed universal ballistic testing
  • Electo-static sensitivity testing
  • Helium Leak testing
  • Gross leak testing
  • Thermal-Transient Testing
  • Digital radiography –YxlonCougar
  • Film radiography –Faxitronx-ray cabinet
  • Drop testing
  • Temperature humidity and altitude testing
  • True 4-wire igniter resistance testing
  • Navy flare setback load testing