Product Innovation + Excellence

Capco is a diversified systems-level producer with a wide range of skills, expertise, and process capabilities necessary for the design and production of a wide variety of quality-crucial products.

We put into practice the concept of “extreme reliability” with every thing we do, because we know the men and women that we work for are depending on us with their very lives. Whether it is the defense industry, law enforcement, space program, or the oil and gas industry, Capco produces products that are extraordinarily durable, and proudly American made.

Capco is well-known for its enduring relationship with the US military, producing energetic assemblies, electrical and mechanical components, small arms weapon assemblies, weapon’s mounts, and bomb fin assemblies. World-class engineering capability, coupled with state-of-the-art production facilities, has been an essential element of our nearly 50 years of success. But it is our dedicated, passionate people here in Grand Junction, Colorado that continue to ensure that every product we make performs flawlessly for those in uniform, every time.


Capco has produced over twenty five million Cartridge Actuated Devices (CAD) and Propellant Actuated Devices (PAD) for…


Capco’s Mechanical products are built to our customers’ most stringent technical requirements or designed by…


Capco has over three decades of experience in manufacturing electromechanical devices. These devices require a wide…

Unique & Vertically-integrated

Capco prides itself on its unique combination of engineering innovation and full suite of supportive manufacturing capabilities.

Delivering a unified engineering and manufacturing solution under one roof provides significant value to customers through reduced turn times, superior quality control, consistent program management, and seamless program lifecycle evolution.

Engineering & Design

Capco has steadily expanded its engineering capabilities over the past three decades, evolving the Company from a manufacturing provider with engineering support into an engineering and design Company with a comprehensive suite of manufacturing capabilities.

Today Capco is a vertically integrated OEM of mechanical and energetic systems with a growing portfolio of Company-designed products.

Capco has demonstrated repeated success in conceptualizing, designing, and developing proprietary products for full-scale manufacturing in a variety of applications.

Customers turn to Capco for unique solutions to challenging problems rather than commoditized build-to-print services.


Performing nearly all manufacturing processes in-house is a part of Capco’s complete solution to customers; the Company routinely adds manufacturing capabilities or processes as needed should programs require capabilities that it does not already have under-roof.

In delivering an end-to-end solution to customers at a competitive price, Capco is able to realize healthy margins through reduced logistical cost, reduced lead times, fewer quality issues, and a greater emphasis on manufacturing efficiency in the design & engineering phase.

Capco’s manufacturing benefits from the engineering-centric approach toward process planning and from leveraging the Company’s diverse manufacturing capabilities.