Highly-Engineered, Mission-Critical Deliverables

The large universe of opportunities available to Capco based on its capabilities allows the company to be selective in its pursuits, targeting programs where it can leverage its engineering muscle and uniquely comprehensive capability suite to deliver a high value-added solution to customers through either:

  • A Capco-designed solution developed and manufactured in-house, or
  • Highly complex deliverables that are engineering intensive and require combinations of challenging or unique and diverse manufacturing requirements.


Capco excels at navigating challenges associated with innovating new concepts and evolving proprietary designs to full-rate production:

  • Clean-sheet, objective-focused concept development
  • Proven concept-to-full-rate-manufacturing resume


  • First entirely 3D-modeled (Pro-E, nka PTC Creo) U.S. Army program in history; over 52,000 produced
  • 40% weight reduction over predecessor with faster, more accurate operation through integrated T&E mechanism
  • Soldiers’ Choice Award for top-10 invention of 2005


  • First HERO-safe Navy cartridge ever produced
  • Unique combination of machining, energetics, electro-assembly, explosives handling, and difficult size and intricacy
  • VECP, reduced cost to customer by 45%
  • Produced over 11 million units to-date

Borerider Timer

  • Multiple process technologies requiring diverse capabilities and unique engineering expertise including delay chemistry composition, challenging compaction requirements, precision swaging, winding, insert molding, and stab primer dev.
  • Over 300,000 produced

Challenging Build-to-Print

As a prime contractor, Capco pursues opportunities with challenging deliverables well-suited to the Company’s strengths:

  • Multiple manufacturing processes involved
  • Complex or challenging process elements
  • Highly technical data packages or engineering capability requirements

Rifle Barrels

  • 32 process steps involved including tight-tolerance rifling, chambering, muzzle crowning, anodizing and plating
  • Very demanding production engineering & process controls
  • Approximately 200,000 barrels produced to-date

M2 Receiver

  • Awarded over incumbents General Dynamics and Manroy
  • Precision machined components from plate, bar stock, raw forgings, investment castings; localized heat treat & draw back
  • Capco developed internal hot riveting process and equipment
  • Significant live-fire testing required for FAT and LAT

TOW Triaxial Magnetometer

  • Unique combination of electronics, understanding of magnetometry, injection molding of PEEK material, precise winding of small-gage wire across challenging geometry, design & development of sophisticated 3-axis Gauss testing equipment