When Excellence is a Prerequisite

Capco combines innovative engineering solutions, cutting-edge research and development, and world-class, vertically integrated manufacturing to provide industry leading products to the U.S. Department of Defense, Law Enforcement, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, as well as international customers.



Capco takes great pride in its work for the U.S. Department of Defense, and as a company, we have been involved in supporting our men and women in uniform with the very best equipment and technology for nearly 60 years…



Capco joins all Americans in our support of those individuals who have taken the higher calling of protecting our families and communities. The ability to apply Capco’s military equipment expertise and manufacturing precision to products that protect those in the line of duty is something we consider an honor…



As has been the case throughout the history of flight and space travel, there has been an intensive focus on part quality and reliability. Capco is a partner that can provide the level of excellence that is sought after…


Expanding Fields

Whether in aerospace, oil and gas, precision machinery, or other areas, Capco is always working to bring the reliability, excellence, and precision that we are known for in the military and law enforcement to new fields…