Capco’s Partnership with Missile & Space Tech Organizations

As has been the case throughout the history of flight, and particularly with the advent of space travel, there has been an intensive focus on part quality and reliability. Capco is a partner that can provide the level of excellence that is sought after by those organizations involved in terrestrial rocket launches, missile flight technology, and high altitude, sub-orbital and orbital campaigns. Our reputation for quality, reliability, and advanced engineering and design capabilities have made the expansion into this industry a natural fit for Capco. In particular, our unique capabilities in 3D printing are proving to be an exciting technology for the missile and space industry to explore.

Capco Standard Initiator

The Capco Standard Initiator (CSI) is a configuration adaptable Electro Explosive Device (EED) developed in support of In support of the Missile Defense Agency’s Ground Based Midcourse Defense (GMD) program under a Phase II SBIR effort.

The CSI is physically, electrically and output compatible with the NASA standard initiator (NSI) – with one defining difference: the 0.1% minimum no-fire level exceeds that of the NSI by greater than 50%. This means higher reliability in mission critical applications, increased safety, and ultimately, reduced cost.