The Line of Duty

Capco joins all Americans in our support of those individuals who have taken the higher calling of protecting our families and communities. The ability to apply Capco’s military equipment expertise and manufacturing precision to products that protect those in the line of duty is something we consider an honor. Law enforcement is an area where our products clearly save lives.

Law Enforcement Products

Capco manufactures critical components that are in use by police departments across the country.

Capco is also privileged to be a key partner to the world’s largest and most recognized non-lethal law enforcement device maker. In particular, their devices are instrumental in allowing officers to maintain control of a threat without resorting to lethal means. The successful use of a non-lethal “dart” means the officer is at less risk, bystanders are at less risk, and even the suspect is at less risk, than if the officer had to resort to deadly force.

Capco and Non-Lethal Dart Devices

The cartridge that is deployed in these situations must be failsafe and accurate, just the same as Capco’s work with the U.S. Department of Defense. Capco was chosen as the manufacturer of choice for the cartridges that are used in these devices because of our mutual focus on excellence and reliability for those that are in harms way.

In fact, Capco’s cartridges were recently submitted to thermal shock, vibration, drop, and deployment testing. Our products had a 100% success rate. Recognizing the importance that our products perform flawlessly in the field, Capco proactively asked our customer to provide actual market usage reliability feedback to us to ensure we were not only meeting our testing specifications, but that our products were truly performing flawlessly in the hands of law enforcement officers.

With this data, and working directly alongside device engineers and product development teams, Capco engineers ensure continual improvement to the products and the supply chain. Capco has rapidly developed new capabilities, added more production capacity, and invested in new equipment to allow our customer to consolidate their lead times, shorten their supply chain, and meet their customers’ increasing needs.