Engineering/Core Capability Overview

Cacpo is a diversified systems-level producer with a wide range of skills, expertise, and process capabilities necessary for the design and production of energetic assemblies, electrical and mechanical components, small arms weapon assemblies, weapon’s mounts, and bomb fin assemblies, among other products for a wide variety of industries.

Strong engineering support is one of the essential historic elements of our business success. Capco’s technical staff includes degreed engineers in the aeronautical, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, and mechanical disciplines and physics.  In addition to the technical staff, the company has a well-managed and experienced manufacturing and quality assurance workforce with extensive experience in design, process development, inspection and test of weapons, mounting systems, machined components, explosive devices, electronics assemblies and other areas of core competency.

Capco’s engineering and manufacturing expertise has been gained and retained (Capco’s average length of service is over 7 years) through years of manufacturing and design of product for the Department of Defense, ranging from basic research through development to rapid-fielding of product.  Capco utilizes the services of consultants and/or academic partners as needed when entering new areas of technology or performing R&D services requiring specialized equipment (i.e., Scanning Electron Microscope, SEM).  The Company is cleared at the secret level as are several personnel.